What better way of exploring the chemistry between you and your photographer before your wedding day than arranging a pre wedding photoshoot. K & M’s pre wedding in Chios was the perfect start to the season.

It was exactly for this reason that K & M wanted to arrange a pre wedding in Chios. That and that just before Easter in Chios, the wild tulips blossom. These wild tulips of Chios known as “lalades” (Λαλ΄άδες”) provide a natural, red carpet as a background.

It was this amazing splash of colour that inspired Joanna Loukaki to come up with the awseome “lalades” picnic. The touches of red were mirrored in the awesome red chevy, the fresh fruits, the delicious fresh pastries by Pastry Sinners, the stunning gown, and the chilled Whispering Angel.

Pre Wedding in Chios with Wild Tulips

There are so many variables in arranging an outdoor photoshoot this time of year. Primarily the weather – it can be chilly, rainy, sunny – genereally unprodictable. Also depending on the harshness of the winter, the wild flowers may blossom as early as late february, and as late as end of march. Always difficult to plan, especially if you are travelling to the island just for the shoot.

Our pre wedding in Chios worked out perfectly. We travelled one weekend to the beautiful island of Chios (my happy place) and with the help of Joanna Loukaki we managed to arrange a perfect picnic spread right in the middle of a blanket of the wild tulips. We couoldnt have been more lucky, a couple of days later and the wild blooms would have withered for the summer.

The pre wedding in Chios began with a stunning session outside the Riziko Mansion. The bright red chevy was an ideal ride for the picnic. Loaded with flowers, and a luxurious picnic hamper with goodies from MyCafe and Pastry Sinners, complemented perfectly the chilled Whispering Angel.

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