Where to begin with Hala and Michaels Athenian Riviera wedding story…

Well the email from the12events, said that Hala and Michael liked the natural, non posed images – the expressions, the emotions in my images – and that this is what they were after. Perfect for me – how my couples and I just seem to come together! Love it!

And of course, when I went to meet Hala, at their hotel for the pre-wedding meeting I knew it was her the minute she walked out the elevator! “Thats my bride” I thought, and of course it was. Over a cup of coffee, Hala, (and her amazing mom) talked about her and Michael, how they met, and what they planned for their special day, when their two families, from the Middle East and from Nigeria, would become one.

The Wedding

The afternoon Athenian Riviera Orthodox church service in Anavyssos, complemented perfectly the beautiful, colourful dresses of the wedding party. Just perfect. You could just feel the raw emotion, and the love in the air as soon as Hala stepped out of the car, to be escorted by her father to the small stone church where Michael, and his family and friends were waiting.

The beautiful ceremony was followed by an ever so elegant, dinner reception and party at Island Residence. The beautiful welcome table by the12events, and the elegant decor complemented perfectly the idyllic surroundings of the Residence.

The sentiments of love, and the spirituality of the whole evening is something that will remain with me for a very long time. Hala and Michael, I wish you the love that you shared with us on your wedding day, be with you and your families for the rest of your lives.

… and after the wedding, the cherry on the cake was Hala’s message to me … “Manes!! You are a genius! Love love love the pictures!!

Athenian Riviera Wedding Manes photo

Again, i wanna thank you for everything (especially the translation) and for being such a wonderful soul 🙂 “

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