Hi there!

Well if you are reading this, you have probably already (hopefully seen my work) and maybe you are interested in finding out a little more about what I do and how I got here.
Have I always live in Greece? Nope! Born in London, UK – but moved to Greece about 15 years ago.    I really couldn’t deal with the good ol’ British weather!!!
Have i always wanted to be a photographer? Hell yeah – even when I was a kid growing up in London I had a camera in my hand !
I stopped my “real” job a few years back and just thought “just do it” – better try and fail than live with regrets and “what ifs”!!!

destination wedding photographer

So now, I get to travel all over Greece (that can’t be bad) and I get to travel to many international destinations (that can’t be bad either) being a wedding photographer, and shooting amazingly awesome people in love, with passion, emotions, happy times, teary (happy) times. I love love love what I do – and I love where being a wedding photographer has taken me. Not only to the amazing destinations (Mykonos, Santorini, Paros, Chios and further away to Rome, Mallorca, New York, London, Munich, Instanbul to name but a few) – but also where it has taken me as a person. The energy that being a photographer has given me to discover myself. It is this energy and this ability to “see” people that I bring with me to a photography shoot, and helps me capture the photo, the expression, the moment, the love, the passion. This energy helps me connect with my couple or with whoever I am photographing. It’s just amazing when this happens – and trust me it does!

When not living my dream, I love spending time with my kids (they sure grow up fast!!!) and my wife Karina who puts up with all of me. (it was Karina by the way who was very much responsible for giving me the courage to ‘dream chase’)
My happy place is by the sea. Anything to do with the sea. I like that it can be calm and inviting, and then can be dangerous and unpredictable. Paddle surfing, swimming, scuba diving, beaching. Chill-axing. The smell of iodine …. simply priceless.

If any of this sounds good and familiar, let’s connect. Tell me what you are thinking, what and where your dream wedding will be like. I would love to be a part of it. I thrive and cherish new experiences and new destinations



Manes has been shooting weddings professionally for 10 years. He has won numerous awards with the SWPP, UK and has been a member of Fearless Photographers, and Artistic Guild Wedding Photo Journalism Association. “The Changing Face of Greece” was Manes first solo exhibition at The Hellenic Centre in London, 2012.

Manes spends most of his time in Athens, but travels frequently to London and his home island of Chios, Greece.