Everything happens for a reason! I have been meaning to publish this christening for a while now. Somehow I feel now is the right time!

The story of how I came to find myself in Volissos in Chios last summer (a place I hold very dear to my heart) witnessing and capturing this Christening is just a bizarre chain of events. I will keep it short. My cousin was having a hair appointment (very near the Acropolis in Athens where my office is located) when she overheard the lady next to her asking her hairdresser if she knew any photographers in Chios! Well, the rest is history …

So that is how I found myself early August 2016, driving up to Volissos, to photograph the most spiritual christening I have ever had the chance to witness to date. One child, two parents, two godparents, Georgina (with whom we have stayed friends), the priest, the preacher and myself (and a few cats) in a small church in the edge of the village.

There was something in the air that day in that village. Around us. I think we all felt it.

I dont want to talk more about the ceremony … I just would like to share a few images of a special place and some very cherished moments.


The beautiful village of Volissos

Georgina sharing a moment with N

Love eccentricity

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